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<aside> 🚸 Volt Europa's General Assembly is now Volt history.

I didn't make it to the board, but these people did! Thank you to everyone that has given their trust and support in me😊


My passion for Volt comes from that I truly believe our democratic, transparent, pragmatic and pan-European values are able to change the current political structure.

My mission in Volt is to find this ideal structure for ourselves together, so can we unlock our fullest potential and show Europe and the world what we are capable of.

'Our ideal internal structure' sounds boring, right? But doesn't 'politics' sound boring as well?

It's easy to measure our success with big things: winning elections, getting media coverage. But I believe we make the difference with the infinite amount of small things that we do everyday.

We make the difference when we share our passion and our energy with each other. When we become friends with other Volters who would otherwise have remained strangers. When we assemble together to go out and speak up for what we stand for.

All the great things that we achieved and will achieve, comes forth from these Volt unique interactions. These interactions are only possible because of our unique structure.

3 amazing things about our unique structure that represent our values

4 things about our structure that need radical improvement because they threaten our values