I have a question for you.

Why did you join Volt?

Was it because you want to fight climate change? Then you could have might as well joined a green party.

Or was it because our economy is important to you? I've heard liberal parties are very fond of that too.

Was it because you stand for an inclusive society that works for everyone? There are other progressive parties that want exactly that.

You can even find plenty of parties that want more European cooperation.

I don't know why you are at Volt, but I can tell you why I am. I joined Volt for none of these reasons. The reason I am at Volt is because of it's structure.

My name is Yannick and I want to be a candidate for the upcoming European board elections, because I believe what Volt needs right now is a radical upgrade to its structure.

Volt's structure is unique, because it is built in the same way as we want to see how politics is done: democratic, transparent, pragmatic, and pan-European...

Well, that's the idea at least. I think we are great in telling what change want to see in Europe, but how do want our message to impact the structure of Volt?

We are reaching more and more people and our ideas prove to work: people believe in what Volt stands for. People are voting for us and our numbers of new members are growing exponentially.

If we want this success to continue, we need to solve the biggest challenge ahead of us: How do we want to sustain this massive growth? How do we want to make Volt work on a bigger scale?

It's a tough one, I think. There is no one single simple answer to this. Volt has never been done before and our challenges are unique. The only way to make it work is that we try to make it work, but more importantly: right now we need to make our structure our priority number one.

In my view, Volt Europa is mainly about one thing: connecting Volters with each other, accross borders, just like we want to connect Europeans. Providing a network Volters can work in, share ideas, debate. Providing a structure in which we are. United. A structure in which we are Volt.

If you're reading this, please check out vote.yannick.eu if you want to learn more about me or about this election.